June 25, 2017

More Artwork of Characters!

Hey, guys! I'm back to share more artwork of my novel characters! Just so you guys know, I'm writing my novel besides working on a new short story featuring Melissa Trixton as the main character [which is also written in first-person!]. Anyway, here they are.

Kudos to the artists for taking their time to draw such brilliant art. Always motivates me to write more whenever I see them. :]

Artwork of Samuel "Salmon" Barry by Fachrusy.
He looks adolescent here but that's completely fine. As long as he looks like a ding-dong suave young man.
Another artwork of Samuel "Salmon" Barry by Jhon, the same person who drew Cassie and Dyven in the previous post. This one looks more mature, but still a doofus handsome knight-in-training.

Artwork of Alluriana Hyland in a waitress uniform by Phoebe. She has always been my favorite in the novel and seeing her in visualization just makes me like her ten times as better as all the other characters. Really captures her feminine features here, oh, what a tease she is.

Again, thank you guys for spending the time to draw the characters. Hope you enjoyed admiring their artwork as much as I did. Oh, how I wish I could draw!


EDIT: On a side note, my friend has just started out his DeviantArt account! He hasn't drawn much yet but do see his artwork there too. You can find his DeviantArt account here: http://lester2208.deviantart.com/art/Zone-Tan-692879582

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