September 12, 2016

Cassandra Monica — The Ordinary Adventurous Girl

Hey, guys! Happy Monday! Yesterday, I had bad Internet, so I couldn't write a blog post at all. :( But today, thankfully, I can! I've decided throughout this week, I shall introduce several characters from my novel. And today, I'll start with Cassandra Monica, the protagonist of the story.

FULL NAME: Cassandra Monica
ALIAS: Cassie, Cass
GENDER: Female
AGE: 17 (as of present timeline)
BIRTHDAY: Day 1, Month of Giving (Month 1)
RACE: Human/Seriquan
HOME: Rosilland Village
MOTHER: Eleanor Mysticalia (adoptive)
RELATIVES: None/Unknown
HAIR: Light brown
EYE: Crystal blue
WEAPON: Floragne (sword) (flɒrɛgʔni; flohr-ehg-nee)
MAGIC: Craftsman and Fire (most recently)

Cassandra Monica, affectionately nicknamed "Cassie" by Sir Luke Witherwood, to which she used it until today. She has average build and height, deep-set eyes, a round nose, and oval lips. She ties her hair into a single French braid that reaches down her back. She wears a jade bracelet, and later in the story, a ring with a purplish gem gifted from Eleanor. She sheathes her sword into a black scabbard and latches it on her sword belt.

Cassandra is an adventure-seeking, danger-loving girl like all her other friends in Rosilland. She aspires to become an adventurer and see everything Seriquas has to offer and beyond. She awes at everything she hasn't seen before—even the littlest thing can amaze her. Eleanor had warned her that outside the walls of Seriquas may have dangerous things lurking about. But a little danger won't hurt her. In fact, the more danger, the better.

To her friends, Cassie is quick to trust and is a social butterfly. She plans to meet and greet with every single person she stumbles upon her journey and learn about them. However, through years and years of isolation has made her a tad bit socially awkward. Nevertheless, she tries her best to converse and make friends with strangers as soon as possible. (Gee, didn't Eleanor teach her not to talk to strangers?)

Cassie has an iron will, a determination so strong that fueled not only her strength and perseverance but also her magic. She will never give up in a battle, even if she is the only one left standing. As the leader of her group, she will not let her friends down. However, being the danger-loving girl she is, she also tends to be extremely reckless at times, going as far as picking on opponents not her own size. 


And that is Cassandra "Cassie" Monica. Tomorrow, I shall write about Salmon Barry, the deuteragonist. Look forward for the next day for the next post!
Anyway, what do you guys think of Cassie? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. She seems like she might get into a lot of trouble pretty soon judging by her personality :c


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