September 18, 2016

Emilia Mysticalia — The Matriarch

Nooooooo, holidays are over! ;-; Well, let me settle the final day in this character introduction week and then sulk on the Monday Blues.

FULL NAME: Emilia Mysticalia
GENDER: Female
AGE: 43 (19 in Tale of Two Sisters (TOTS) )
BIRTHDAY: Day 9, Month of Happiness (Month 4)
RACE: Witch
PLACE OF BIRTH: Mysticalia Residence, Vathys Village
HOME: Vathys Ruins
FATHER: Cecil Noblese (deceased)
MOTHER: Euphemia Mysticalia (deceased)
RELATIVES: Esther, Eunice, Esmeralda, Evelyn, Elisabeth, Eleanor (sisters)
HAIR: Dark cherry
EYE: Quartz
MAGIC: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Healing, Love, Gravity (major), Light, Dark

Being the eldest, Emilia is the matriarch of the Mysticalia familia. She has medium-length hair. Her dark cherry shade her most outstanding feature. She has quartz upturned eyes, a button nose, and natural lips.

Emilia is almost always seen serious and in deep thoughts. She is continually bothered with something, but she doesn't tell any of her sisters. Her sisters, Esther especially, tries to lift her mood up, though it doesn't usually work. However, she feigns a smile or a positive dismissal in fear of hurting her sisters' hearts.

Emilia cares about each and every one of her sisters. As the head of the familia, she doesn't take rule-breaking nor irresponsibility lightly. She will never turn her back on any of them, or else, she will feel incredibly guilt-ridden and blame things on herself. She takes achieving her goals diligently and will persevere through anything.

She doesn't mind Eleanor's constant teasing and chummy attitude even though they bug her. In fact, no matter what she does, Emilia will never genuinely hate her. Emilia is a tad bit jealous of Eleanor's positive behavior despite what had transpired when they were adolescent. This is because she, too, used to have one, but she has lost it ever since.


And that concludes character introduction week. Tomorrow's school and I'll probably be beat after coming home around 3pm. I might write my review on New Moon tomorrow, and if not, the day after. In the meantime, when in the world will Empire of Storms be distributed to my local bookstore?!
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