September 7, 2016

Introducing the Kingdom of Seriquas

Click to enlarge the image.
Happy hump day, everyone! You've had probably seen this image from Day 3 of the Journal Challenge or on my Google+ profile. In case you haven't figured it out, this is the map for my novel series—the Kingdom of Seriquas.

The Kingdom of Seriquas is the main setting of the Seriquan Magiwarrior series (the name isn't finalized yet). It is a large island with several human settlements and forests galore, plus other biomes. The most notable forest being The Great Forests, which is divided into four regions based on the compass. The castle, also the most prominent location in Seriquas, where the king and queen reign lies in the center of the island, protected by a huge wall. Magic lurks in different areas of the island, causing different climates in certain regions. The capital of Seriquas is the ever-growing town of Evrysa.

I must say, making this map is way harder than it looks. ._. Took me one week to draft, and one week worth of drawing to finish it. I've made the image from scratch with Photoshop CS5. And it went through multiple changes in shape and size until I finalized the design and labeled it. I love how it turned out to be and I can imagine each adventure of my protagonist, Cassandra Monica, experience in every single location.

I might introduce several major locations in Seriquas, at the same time, develop ideas on the locations in my following posts. Oh, by the way, the map is large enough to fit two pages. Ah, if I had an actual graphic designer, this map would be ten times better than it is now, with all the shading and stuff. :)

That'll be all I'm writing today. Thank you for reading my post and don't forget to keep checking back often if I've made a post on the major locations! Tell me what you think of the map down in the comments below.
Here's a game for you guys: find the major location (diamond-marked) where Cassandra starts her journey.

Before I go, allow me to share you the snapshots of how Seriquas was created—the amazing transformation from ugh to wow. ;) Again, click the image to enlarge it.

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