September 14, 2016

Alluriana Hyland — The Cheerful Amnesiac Farm Girl

Happy Wednesday to you, guys! Before I start, I'd like to announce that I've submitted my DKLS essay. It's a big thing, mostly because I can't undo my submitting and improving it anymore. One-time-only chance. Hope I win; fingers crossed!

FULL NAME: Alluriana Hyland
GENDER: Female
AGE: 16
BIRTHDAY: Day 14, Month of Blooming (Month 2)
RACE: Human/Seriquan
PLACE OF BIRTH: Hedera Village
HOME: Hyland Farm, Hedera Village
FATHER: Bartholomew Hyland
MOTHER: Judith Hyland
RELATIVES: Edmund Hyland (younger brother)
PETS: Rex (dog)
HAIR: Ruby red
EYE: Pear green
WEAPON: Nephele (bow) (nəʔfɛˈli; nuhf-FEH-lee), Arrows, Wind Arrows

Alluriana is usually shortened to Rina. Thin and slender build. She has pear green hooded eyes and a small nose. Her lower lip is thin. She ties her ruby red hair into a long narrow ponytail reaching as far as her thighs. She slings Nephele and her quiver of arrows over her shoulder to her waist diagonally. Her quiver is divided into two sections, one for her normal arrows, the other for her wind-enchanted ones.

In short, Rina is bubbly, unpredictable, and too optimistic for her own good. She is easily excitable about almost everything and can will not stop talking. Her smile almost never leaves her face. She's also flirtatious, most notably toward Salmon. Being an optimist, she looks up to the most positive outcomes of everything. She's like the glowing star in the group that never ceases to wane.

However, Rina is highly susceptible to occasional mood swings. She can turn from happy to depressed to fearful and back to hakuna matata in seconds. Her past is a mystery to her and her friends as she has amnesia; she doesn't remember anything before she'd received her Wind powers. Anyone who pushes her into remembering her past will turn her furious.

Being a Wind user, she can direct her Wind arrows into anything—going as far as curving their path. But only her enchanted arrows allow her. (Enchanting them takes quite a while too.) Even so, she is still highly accurate with her normal arrows. On the side note, she almost never takes a battle seriously and is always seen playing around. She's mentoring Cassie on her archery skills and is always amazed by Cassie's transforming Floragne into a bow.


And that's all about Alluriana. Say, I was just thinking: how about I spare another week (some time in the future) to make posts about each character's major relationships? It may have huge spoilers, though, but the novel's still in works, so... nothing is final. Tomorrow, I shall talk about Melissa, so look forward to it!
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