September 4, 2016

Writing & Reading Preferences

Hi there. Happy Sunday to you readers. How are you?

I haven't gotten the time to write for yesterday nor the day before, my apologies. But today, I have the time, so today, I'd like to tell you guys what I like to read and write. Before that, my essay for the DKLS Essay Writing Competition is going well. What I thought was the worst essay I've ever written turned out to be not so bad at all. ^_^

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Anyway, I like to read long books—novels and epics especially. The longer the better! I prefer those big fat stacks of more than 400 pages. I also like reading series... which is why my favorites are all series. (heh) The genres I read are fantasy (because I write in fantasy), young adult fiction, sci-fi (sometimes and depends), and dystopia—mostly. But I do read other genres. But no horror please; my mind is too fragile to take it. (I even get scared by reading! smh)

I mainly write in fantasy. Young adult magic and heroic fantasy, especially, though my first short story was contemporary fantasy. I also like to throw a bit of adventurous plot. But stories can't be just two genres, right? Right! I like to add light romance, comedy, and action into it. My novel is currently going well. I'm still trying to adapt to writing 500 words a day (not an easy task).

I'm currently reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan (a great book, I have to say). I'm almost finished and then I'll move on to The Son of Neptune. I've also borrowed Twilight by Stephanie Meyer from my English teacher, and I've finished reading it just yesterday. I'm going to ask her for New Moon tomorrow at school. (Please don't kill me for reading Twilight. ;-;) In fact, I think I might make a book review here tomorrow.

Speaking of books, Sarah J. Maas's Empire of Storms is coming out in two days! *freaks out like a fangirl*

That's all from me today. Thank you for reading this post. I'm curious, though, what are your book preferences? Let me know if you like fantasy too! I might need some help on writing in the genre. :)

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