September 24, 2016

Got "Empire of Storms"!

Hey, guys! I'm writing this one today to tell you that after more than two weeks of waiting, I finally have Empire of Storms. Yay! It's a whopping 693 pages, which means I can enjoy this book for a long time, say if I don't read too fast that is.

Let me show you a picture of the book. ^_^

Now that's one cover!

And now that I have the book, there's going to be more of Aelin's badass fire-breathing bitch-queen action, Rowan's annoying-but-totally-worth-it ear-nibbling, Manon's debating of whether monsters are made or created, and all the other stuff! Hail Terrasen and House Galathynius and Aelin's court!
If you'll excuse me, I'm going to isolate myself from the world and read this book.

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