September 17, 2016

Eleanor Mysticalia — The Seventh Sibling

It's Saturday! Which I'm not sure why I'm happy about since there are only two more days before I return to school... Anyway, Eleanor is a side character in the first book. BUT! She's one of the two main characters in the prequel novella, so I chose to introduce her, too.

FULL NAME: Eleanor Mysticalia
ALIAS: Eleanor Monica
GENDER: Female
AGE: 38 (14 in Tale of Two Sisters (TOTS) )
BIRTHDAY: Day 30, Month of Appreciating (Month 3)
RACE: Witch
PLACE OF BIRTH: Mysticalia Residence, Vathys Village
HOME: Rosilland Village
FATHER: Cecil Noblese (deceased)
MOTHER: Euphemia Mysticalia (deceased)
RELATIVES:  Emilia, Esther, Eunice, Esmeralda, Evelyn, Elisabeth (sisters)
CHILDREN: Cassandra Monica (adoptive daughter)
HAIR: Hazel brown
EYE: Amethyst
MAGIC: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Healing, Love, Gravity, Light (major), Dark

Eleanor is the seventh and last sibling of the Mysticalia familia. She has long hazel brown hair reaching about halfway through her back. She has amethyst upturned eyes, a button nose, and pointed lips. She is usually seen wearing clothes of black and/or white.

Eleanor is overall friendly and compassionate. Despite being a witch (to which she has to conceal her identity in a human settlement), she has considerable social skills—similarly to her sister, Emilia. She is also aware if she had said something wrong and will try to set things right. She is also highly sympathetic and quite both charitable and hospitable.

Adoptive mother or no, Eleanor takes her responsibility in caring Cassie as her top priority. She has a balance between strict and lenient—but usually the latter. She understands Cassie's wishes and dreams and will never stand in her way. Instead, she will help her achieve the possibility. However, she is concerned with Cassie's safety, disappointing or hurting her whenever she injures or gets herself in trouble.

Eleanor also has a sense of humor—particularly with Emilia, in contrast with her seriousness and continuous brooding. She cares for Emilia the most and she used to be chummy with her. She genuinely holds a dislike toward all her sisters, but she does not hold any grudges. In fact, she wishes their best wherever they are. But she hopes that Cassie doesn't cross paths with them.


That's all about Eleanor Mysticalia, or Monica (whatever). Tomorrow will be the final day of the character introduction week. I will be introducing the second main character of TOTS, Emilia Mysticalia. Tune in for tomorrow!
What do you think of Eleanor? Let me know in the comments below!

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