September 25, 2016

2,500 Page Views!

1,000 page views
2,500 page views
5,000 page views

Oh, hey. So, I woke up today and realized that I've just gotten 2,500 page views overnight! Hooray! It's been roughly two months since my blog was set up and six weeks since I achieved 1,000 page views. 

Another milestone achieved for this blog, which means my blog is going well. 2,500 is definitely a larger number than 1,000. If there are anyone here who knows how to decorate blogs, can you hit me up in the comments below? I'd like to know how to program blogs in a "customized" way through HTML formatting.

As for a wider scope of blog promoting... I have Facebook only. So, I might think about setting up a Twitter or probably even go on Reddit. This blog is still small and basic, but I plan to make it bigger and better.

Anyway, my finals are coming up in two weeks, but that doesn't mean I will stop posting. Ah, also, the DKLS Essay Writing Competition's results are revealed on the 9th of October. Big things are going to be revealed early next month, so I best prepare myself.

That's all I'm writing for today. Thank you guys for visiting/following my blog. See you next post! ;)

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