September 15, 2016

Melissa Trixton — The Timid Virtuous Recluse

Good Thursday to you! Nothing much to say other than that I have only four more days of holiday. Four more days of massive writing before my finals. Ugh.

FULL NAME: Melissa Trixton
ALIAS: Lissa
GENDER: Female
AGE: 17
BIRTHDAY: Day 6, Month of Thanking (Month 11)
RACE: Impure Human/Seriquan
PLACE OF BIRTH: Rosilland Village
HOME: Rosilland Village
FATHER: Unknown
MOTHER: Margaretta Trixton
HAIR: Black
EYE: Midnight purple

Melissa is Cassie's closest friend. Average build and height. She has purple downturned eyes, an average oblong nose, and thinner lower lips. Her long black hair flows down her back like waves, curling into spirals at the end. Out of all of Cassie's friends, Melissa is the most fashionable and stylish (mostly because she's the daughter of the village's seamstress).

Melissa is very shy. The only person she considers her true friend is Cassie. Just like her, she has a heart for adventures, but to a much lesser extent. Her mindset is the complete opposite of Rina's; she looks on the negative side of things (but she doesn't consider herself a pessimist) and keeps her problems to herself. Though, she speaks in a gentle and polite manner and cares for the well-being of her friends.

Despite all that, Melissa has the most concrete judgment in the group. She has an incredible sense of right and wrong, being able to make a conclusion from all perspectives. Her friends look up to her as the moral compass—the one who settles the disputes between everyone. Her perceptiveness also beckons her ability to empathize and understand people—and herself.

Unlike the rest of the group, Melissa doesn't know how to use either weapons or magic. Melissa also lacks the courage to fight nor protect herself, forcing her friends to do so for her. This, however, furthers her guilt of being the "useless one" in the group. Nevertheless, she feels she can be useful in some way, allowing her to continue on. Here's to hope that Melissa is actually quite important.


That's all about Melissa. Tomorrow will be Dyven-Mazak. That name went through a lot of changes before I could finalize it. u_u Look forward to tomorrow's post!
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