September 13, 2016

Salmon Barry — The Not-So-Knightly Knight (in Training)

Hey, guys! Good Tuesday to you! Nothing much to say about today other than that I'd spent 2 hours of hitting the books. So, let's get down to it.

FULL NAME: Samuel Barry
ALIAS: Salmon, Sam, Sammy, Rookie
AGE: 19
BIRTHDAY: Day 24, Month of Friendship (Month 7)
RACE: Pureblood Human/Seriquan
HOME: Terram, Evrysa (camp)
FATHER: Alexander Barry
MOTHER: Madeleine Barry
HAIR: Ash  
EYE: Caramel Brown
WEAPON: Divina (rapier)

Samuel is bestowed his nickname, "Salmon", by his friends; a name that all his friends call him by and he'd grown quite attached to it. Average build, one head taller than Cassie. He has medium-length wavy ash brown hair and a broad nose. He attaches Divina by its hilt on his buckle, along with several pouches and a flask.

Despite being a knight-in-training, Salmon is easy-going and takes things lightly. He is usually seen joking around, particularly with Cassie and her "I've-never-been-outside-before" antics. Even so, if things get rough, he'll be extremely cautious. He's also a good planner and has a keen sense of strategies. Despite all that, he can be a bit of a ditz.

Salmon looks out to Cassie, Rina, and Melissa like a big brother. If they get in trouble, he doesn't hesitate to step in for them. He often hears everyone out before speaking on their behalf. Though, being the laid back man he is, he can be sarcastic. As he likes to hear people's thoughts beforehand, he is very prone to eavesdropping.

On the field, Salmon has great swordsmanship, which is the main reason why he's accepted to join the royal guards. He mentors Cassie on her sword techniques, though her sword-morphing business can throw him off-guard. He takes his friends' safety more of a priority than his. And most of the time, he jumps in to save poor naïve Cassie. (A knight in shining armor indeed. *disapproving sigh*)


And that's about it with Salmon. Next time will be my personal favorite character, Alluriana Hyland. Look forward to the next post tomorrow!
What do you think of Salmon? Let me know in the comments below! (and if you think his nickname is cheesy, 'cause I think it is.)


  1. Salmon's friends seem to have a strange taste in nicknames... xd

    1. Salmon still has the sound "Sam" in it. Cassie is oblivious to the nickname--you can guess why. The rest, pretty much laughs and giggles.


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