September 16, 2016

Dyven-Mazak — The Stoic Unshakable Ogre

Happy Friday, guys! I've just recently finished reading New Moon and I'm going to post a review of it soon. One thing's to say, though: the first book is actually better. Anyway, I'll get on with today's character introduction.

FULL NAME: Dyven-Mazak (daɪvən məzʌkˈ; dai-vuhn muh-ZAHK)
AGE: 56 (considered young adult for ogres)
BIRTHDAY: Day 29, Month of Honoring (Month 8)
RACE: Ogre
PLACE OF BIRTH: West Forests
HOME: An ogre settlement near the Enchanted Oak Tree
FATHER: Mazak-Swadj (məzʌkˈ sʊʤ; muh-ZAHK sooj)
MOTHER: Knarra-Twask (deceased) (nɑrɑ tʊsk; na-ra toosk)
RELATIVES: Multiple unnamed ogre relatives
HAIR: None (bald)
EYE: Gray
WEAPON: None (brute strength)

Dyven is muscular and stands past 10 feet tall. He has gray protruding eyes and a large round nose. His skin is a tad bluish. He is usually seen without a shirt, his pants ripped into shorts, and is barefooted.

Dyven is extremely silent and prefers not to talk to any of Cassie's friends nor Cassie herself. He also harbors grudges and is above against anything that disrupts peace—which includes the erecting of Jeremiah's Wall. Being a follower of Akinitos, the Earth Celestial, he is conditioned to be stoical. Most insults and snide remarks flow right past him.

As asocial as he may be, he can be straightforward and blunt with his opinions. He cares not for what his remarks may hurt toward his fellow speaker. However, he has a soft side for people whom he cares about a lot and becomes loyal to them. Even so, his trust is difficult to earn and once damaged, could be fatal.

Dyven's huge muscles aren't for show and tell—his ogre strength allows him to lift heavy objects such as boulders and trees and hurl them toward his enemies (and, of course, the old punch in the face). He can be arrogant as well; his dignity and pride are very high. Hmm, I wonder why he doesn't use a club... not that the other ogres don't use clubs either...


And that's it about Dyven-Mazak. He's actually the last member of Cassie's group. So, tomorrow, I shall be introducing one major side character: Cassie's (adoptive) mom! Look forward to tomorrow's post!
What do you think about Dyven-Mazak? Let me know in the comments below!

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