September 1, 2016

Big Thank You

Happy September, guys! This will my first (actually second) post which has no relation to the journal! Yay!

I've finished the 30-Days Journal Writing Challenge. I don't mean to gloat but only Lester and I managed to finish it on the right day and through the month of August. Here is Lester's blog if you're interested in taking a look: It's worth a read, you know.
I'm still unsure if he's going to continue with his blog. He mentioned before he only started a blog for the journal. I hope he does... :| :/

Anyway, I would never have bothered to start my blog if it weren't for my English teacher, Mrs. Siti Norhanizah! (She also has a blog and it's right here: In fact, it's because of her I've overcome my fear of thinking what others would think of my posts. (still not over with the social awkwardness, though. :( ) So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

I probably won't have time to write every single day. ehm like yesterday 0:) But I'll try to keep this blog running with things happening my life—if they're interesting and not dull like every day—or my book updates. I'd been babbling about my books and novels but I never got to share them, but trust me, I shall!

Oh, I almost forgot. The DKLS Essay Writing Competition is now open for essay submissions. I wrote it yesterday, but damn, I had so much trouble. Why did it have to be about politics?!?! I feel like they can sense my weaknesses in writing... I still have fifteen days, but *gulp* hopefully I can win this. FOR THE BOOK VOUCHERS!

Ooo-kay. I think this post is going long enough, so I'll stop here. Thank you so much for being with me throughout the journal and thank you for reading this post. It'll take time, but I hope my blog grows bigger every day. Again, thank you teacher for helping me on my feet, and thank you readers for being with me. ;)


  1. Hi Chan! I really enjoyed reading all of your blogs ever since you started Day 1. I hope to read from you again soon! Thanks for reading my blog too!

    1. Thank you, Lester. I apologize for being critical but sometimes I feel it's the best way someone's going to get better. But I'm glad to see your posts had gotten better as the day progresses. Kudos! I loved reading your blog. :)


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