August 30, 2016

Journal Day 30; Aug 30, 2016

Day 30: Your highs and lows for the month.


Ah, the end is here. Sad to see I'm finishing this journal. But happy to see I've made it this far! :D

Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you'd read the rest of the journal down in the link below. :)
Enjoy reading!

My Highs And Lows For The Month

1. My birthday was this month. I definitely had a splendid time with all the continuous "Happy Birthday" sing-alongs in class.
2. This journal, of course! It had given me the motivation to start my blog and I'll be happy to continue this blog for as long as I'm still alive.
3. My exam results of this month were epic. With 7As and 2Bs, this marks my first time getting 7As and also without anything lower than a B. :D
4. I'm improving my skills in badminton. I'm no sports person but I love playing badminton.
5. I received my order of the Heroes of Olympus series that I bought three months ago! Ah, and I (and my mother) thought I was cheated.

1. I didn't write much! I'd hate myself if I don't write as much as I intended. This month had been busy for me, so I didn't get to write much. (Excuse me while I berate myself more.)
2. Journal Day 4. Nuff said.
3. Recently had a nasty acne that needed a little poking and pressing. Sad to say, I screamed like a girl throughout the whole ordeal.
4. I'm still waiting for my freaking overdue book cover that I had not one but two people doing it. Ugh!
5. The haze. Not only does it make the temperature rise up like an oven, the haze is attracting mosquitoes into the house. I keep getting nasty bites on my feet! >.<


Overall, this month was pretty okay for me. Anyway, this is the last post of the journal. :( I might take up another 30-Days Challenge, provided I have time to divide between this and my novel.
How about you? How was your month? What are your highs and lows of the month?

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  1. Hi! Okay, congratulation on completing the 30 days challenge. Bravo! (Same goes to Lester too).

    Well, I would like to see this blog to stay 'alive' because somehow I would like to keep mine 'breathing'. Hehe.. My blog might 'growing' but the process might be very2 slow.

    Just so you know, my ex-colleague and her students are enjoying themselves reading your blog and Lester's blog. Congrats!

  2. Thank you very much, teacher. I'm glad you and your ex-colleague and her students enjoy reading our blog. I would love to continue this blog with some other updates. :)

    1. In the meantime, why don't you keep going with the journal until Day 30?


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