August 21, 2016

Journal Day 21; Aug 21, 2016

Day 21: Discuss your first love.


*facepalm* Somebody kill me please. Not this topic! =_="
(As if Day 4 wasn't torture enough!)

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My First Love

My first love is my love for writing. Aw, were you expecting a love life? Well, too bad! >:P

Anyway, my love for it didn't just come to me the moment I started writing. It started out as a hobby, but it eventually became a passion of mine. I don't quite remember how long it took, but it was long. As I delved deeper into writing, I also found myself loving to read books. Long books.

My love of writing has given me the ability to think critically. Sure it's all words with story. But like poems, within every paragraph yields a meaning that relates to real life issues and the such. With my critical thinking skills developed, it becomes easier for me to relate stories to real life and draw out the meaning. This is the same for writing the hidden meanings into the paragraphs of my stories.

My love of writing has also taught me things about English further than the usual teachers teach in school. It's part of the process, though. To learn weird punctuation such as semicolons and the em and en rule, to learn how big words don't mean anything, to learn the difference between "showing" and "telling", to learn how the length of sentences and paragraphs can affect a piece dramatically. I think writing has taught me all this, but then, there are probably even weird customs that are waiting for me to dig in.

But of course, as much as I love writing, there are also a few bad things. Writing has made me indecisive. Like, how can I decide what to write? decide how know what think FOR PEEP'S SAKE, writer's block! *ehm* Sorry. Yeah, that pretty much sums it. Not just in my stories that I can decide what I want to express. In the real world, I also find it harder to pick between two choices unlike last time. I must be overthinking things too much...

At the same time, writing has also made me more prone toward looking for errors rather than enjoying the story. This is especially true whenever I read my friends' essays or works. I always point out the errors instead of sitting on my chair and reading it to the end. I almost every time cringe upon finding a common mistake and I have to fight the urge to point it out. It may be a good thing to help my friends, but sometimes, people may just want to slap you in the face for doing that. Unfortunately for me, I get the latter most of the time. :(


Eh, it didn't go as bad as I thought it would be. Day 21 shall now be one of the two days I shall never talk about again. Ever.
How about you? What is your first love? Discuss it in the comments below!

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