August 4, 2016

Journal Day 4; Aug 4, 2016

Day 4: Five ways to win your heart.


Things are starting to get interesting... Day 4 of the 30-Days Journal Challenge and today's topic is quite... intimate, I must say. What I'm about to write is more or less equal to talking about the birds and the bees. #noexperienceinlove Nonetheless, a topic's a topic, so I'm not going to hide anything about myself. Sit tight; this is going to be a tough ride (at least for me). :|

(Note: I'm very particular about my expectations.)

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Five Ways To Win My Heart

1. Trust and Loyalty
The two virtues that I treasure the most in relationships. I loathe people who show no concern for their partners and people who exaggerate their relationships. If someone were to win my heart, they have to be trustworthy and value loyalty.

When I give someone my trust, I expect them to reciprocate the feeling earnestly. I want them to understand my feelings and accept my differences. I want them to have a keen sense of when times are good or bad, too. No blind judgments.

I also expect them to stay by my side and never hold a grudge. They should be committed to make the relationship a lifetime. I prefer not to rush anything and let my relationships flow smoothly. Sparks need time to ignite and blossom into eternal flames.

2. Money isn't Everything
I dislike people who are materialistic and only think about wealth more than their partners. Dreams and fantasies should belong to the future of both sides, not to one's self. My heart belongs to those who aren't all about cash and coins.

I harbor a disgust toward people who think love is purchasable, either by asking for money/unnecessary items directly or indirectly. Besides that, I don't want those who think of a future with riches rather than a future with a merry life. I understand that money is needed around the world nowadays, but love isn't something that can be bought.

3. A Taste in Stories
I adore people who have a heart for literature. As much as I like to write and browse the Internet all day, nothing beats sitting down, opening my favorite book, and reading. If books and tall tales aren't boring for you, then you are my type of people.

I prefer those who can listen to me discussing the ideas of my stories, and me talking about books. They should also be able to give me some ideas while I brainstorm, too. I would also appreciate if they read as much as I do, even if they had different tastes in books. Perhaps even sharing things about our stories. I also like people who are great in storytelling.

Inside every book is a whole new world waiting to be explored.
And I want someone to journey with me.

4. Upbeat and Wild
I fancy people who love to have some fun in their life. If I were happy (as I am most of the time), I want someone who I can share the happiness to. I also cherish people who live freely and have no dictators to restrict them.

"Negative" shouldn't be a word in their dictionary. I want people who always have a smile on their face and looks into the best thing possible out from even the darkest moments. I'd be happy if they were happy.

On the other hand, I also want those who don't chain themselves into anything. If you have a desire to chase, go for it—nothing is stopping you. Just do it! I expect them to have an extreme sense of humor and love to try out new things.

5. There's Only One You
Last but not least, I expect someone to just be themselves. I don't want them to show themselves—much less care—as if they could write like J.K. Rowling, direct a movie like Steven Spielberg, deliver a speech like Martin Luther King Jr., sing like Madonna, or anything else.

Read the title.

They don't have to prove to me they're worth my time because I can be the judge of that. I expect them to not have anything to hide and come clean with me. If they have something to say to me, say it, I will understand regardless of the situation.


That certainly had been a tough ride for me. :x Well, since I pull through all of that, what do you think of my five ways to win my heart?

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  1. I agree with all of these points, people shouldn't be judged based on their material wealth, only as the person they truly are.

  2. Yeah. Rich people don't always tend to have the commitment.

  3. People can be judged in lots of other ways e.g. Skill at doing something.

    1. If there were trust, people would understand. If there were loyalty, people would help. Combine that, and all odds are overcome.

    2. I see it a lot of the time, people refuse to help and some people also refuse to be helped, so there are trust issues that are barriers blocking a problem from its solution.

    3. I'll be looking forward to see Day 24, and finding out what really makes you laugh xd

    4. Let time tell the mutual understanding in a relationship.

      Keep on waiting. :)

    5. It's a long wait :c

  4. It is enjoying to read this entry. I couldn't agree more! Trust and loyalty are important in whatever name of relationship you are in. Good one!


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