August 25, 2016

Journal Day 25; Aug 25, 2016

Day 25: Write about an area in your life that you would like to improve.


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An Area In My Life That I Would Like To Improve

An area in my life that I would like to improve is my interpersonal skills. Being self-conscious is one thing, but being able to express and communicate is another. And that is my weakness.

Introversion isn't helping me. I keep to myself most of the times and I refuse to speak out anything. But if I actually speak out, I might sound awkward or a bit too exaggerated. This is where people usually take me the wrong way—mostly as a haughty jerk when all I really want is to help. Although I'm a tad bit extroverted on the Internet, I still can't put the right words to express myself properly.

Besides that, I always get cold feet when I'm chosen to stand in front and talk about something. One minute I am brainstorming; the next minute, bam, I forget everything. I stutter and stammer repeatedly while trying to explain and I sweat and cringe through every mistake I make. My body language is also poor. Because of those, people won't take me seriously.

That's pretty much it. My interpersonal skills are pretty low (which is also why I scored terribly in an EQ test). My mother says it's just something all teenagers experience. But man, it troubles me a lot. I'm working on my skills slowly (I never faltered during the latest presentation, yay!). Hopefully, this weakness of mine will become one of my strengths in the coming days.


Not much to say on this one. Thankfully, the next day is another list.
How about you? What is your one area in your life that you would like to improve?

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