August 23, 2016

Journal Day 23; Aug 23, 2016

Day 23: Write about a lesson you have learned the hard way.


I've learned this lesson the hard way recently. And... it's not my first time. :|

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A Lesson I Have Learned The Hard Way

"Nobody is perfect," they always say. I do take this into account yet sometimes I forget about it. I always expect the best out of the best, but that only leads to a chain of bad things to happen. I constantly have to be reminded about this or else the whole ordeal may repeat over and over again.

Whenever I read someone's work or hear a presentation, I tend to judge them. When I judge them, I point out the flaws and suggest them on how they could fix it. Unfortunately, some people don't like to be judged and... you can guess the rest. No matter how hard I try to tell them that my criticizing them is just to help them get better. But then again, nobody is perfect, neither is nobody the same.

If I am a team leader, I always expect the best out of each of my team members. I try not to disregard about their time constraints or other problems. Alas, this is obviously impossible. The only thing I receive out of my effort is nothing but disappointment. And if I do start questioning the said member's irresponsibility, I get into an argument with him or her.

Even though whenever I'm reminded, I'm left hurt for a day or two, I still have to take it into account. Combined with my social awkwardness, I can't find the right way to express myself on my reasoning of my actions. Hopefully, I can overcome this when time goes by.


Ah, my interpersonal skills are weak. No wonder I have low EQ score. ;-;
Anyway, how about you? What is one of the lessons you have learned the hard way? Let me know in the comments below!

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