August 22, 2016

Journal Day 22; Aug 22, 2016

Day 22: A letter to someone—anyone.


The fourth week is here. 9 more days including today; this journal will end soon. :/
This letter is addressed to my best friend, but he's overseas (sadly :( ).

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 A Letter To Someone

Dear Jesús,
This will probably sound awkward since this is the first time I'm sending you a letter not from Facebook. And also the fact that this letter is in a blog post and not through email or something else. Anywho, I hope your life in Venezuela is swell so far. I don't have much to talk about, so I'm going to point out some random things.

You know, I'll always remember that time when we first met. In a Facebook group where I posted something and then you were like, "Is that Koishi Komeiji on your profile picture?", and I was like, "Yeah. You're a fan of Touhou too?", and somehow our friendship formed from that. We used to talk about Touhou-related things only but later we pretty much opened up to each other. I think it's an awkward start for a relationship, but then again, lots of great friendships start off weirdly.

I still can't digest how many mutual interests we have. Besides Touhou, we both enjoy writing and reading each other's works. Not to mention we both share our ideas and plans. Whenever I explain a bit about my novel series, I too remember things I have to write in the future. While I share my ideas, I develop new ideas. Speaking of which, do you plan on starting a novel soon? It doesn't have to be in English.

Well, this letter is certainly getting long when I could just mention everything on Facebook. So I guess I'll leave this here. I just want to thank you for being the only true friend I've ever had, despite us being miles apart. Good luck on your 30-Days Writing Challenge!



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