August 7, 2016

Journal Day 7; Aug 7, 2016

Day 7: Choose one word of wisdom that influences your life and how.


And comes the final day of the first week of August.
I had even more trouble thinking of a single word that influences my life than the previous one. -_-" I had to look around the internet and find the suitable word that I can relate to myself. But anyway, I finally found the word I was looking for, so allow me to start the topic for today! :D

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One Word Of Wisdom That Influences My Life And How

Dedication is the one word of wisdom that influences my life. It's not easy to be committed to something. But when I do, I ought to put my whole effort and time into it, wanting the best out of anything. Therefore, I wholeheartedly value my dedication.

Whenever someone faced a difficult obstacle, there's a chance that he or she may turn around and walk back. For me, I will take it head on. Of course, not without proper scrutinizing from every angle before executing my plans. My dedication helps me strive onward and not give up too easily.

Without dedication, I wouldn't have been able to get here thus far. I mean, writing a book is harder than it looks. One has to persevere through things like writer's block and multiple grammatical mistakes so they can be satisfied with what is written. Dedication has bestowed me the passion to love and continue writing. It has also given me the ability to improve my works out of pure will with much vigor.

Anyway, dedication has definitely influenced my life. It is a strength of mine. If I didn't have it, I'd probably thrown in the towel on anything by now. In fact, I might have stopped doing this journal thing if dedication weren't there either. ;)


Have you ever been committed to something so much that you put your soul into it? What is your word of wisdom that influences your life? Let me know!

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