August 24, 2016

Journal Day 24; Aug 24, 2016

Day 24: Post about five things that make you laugh out loud.


Whew, it's been a long time since the last list. I'm glad this is a list, or else I would start going crazy with all the blocks of paragraphs.

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Five Things That Make Me Laugh Out Loud

1. Cheesy Puns
I have a great sense of humor (but bad sense of sarcasm), and I love it when someone makes a pun. I might start laughing and never stop until maybe five minutes later (plus extra laugh outbursts). The cheesy ones are always the best. Not only are they a great example of a double entendre, it's also funny and creative. At times, even I make some cheesy puns!

2. Tickling
I don't know why but I'm extremely ticklish. One little finger touching my neck or waist is enough to send me laughing and convulsing uncontrollably. Some of my friends use this to their advantage and tickle me until my throat goes dry and tears start dribbling down my cheeks. Talk about laughing until you cry.

3. "Try Not to Laugh" videos
Gets me every time. No matter how hard I try watching any of these, the first video always gets me. And I don't mean just chuckling, I laugh loudly and continuously snicker after that. Where did they even get all these clips?

4. Short Funny GIFs
If it's short, and pack a punch, and can loop. Then I'll probably won't stop laughing. I mean, come on. Not only it's short, it's funny and it loops forever! Especially the let-me-give-you-a-pat-on-the-head penguin GIF I saw not long ago.

5. Getting trolled (twice)
Usually, when I get fooled once, I tend not to get fooled again. If I do get fooled again, then I'll start laughing at myself for my stupidity. Yeah, I laugh at myself too! Why not? (Definitely not crazy). And rickrolling gets me every time.


Not much to say here. Almost anything makes me laugh out loud, so it was kinda difficult to pick just five. Anyway, how about you? What are your five things that make you LOL? Let me know in the comments below!

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