August 20, 2016

Journal Day 20; Aug 20, 2016

Day 20: Post about your dream ambition.


Third week's weekend has arrived. This journal is going to end soon. :/

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My Dream Ambition

If "author J.L. Chan" in the title description doesn't ring a bell, my dream ambition is to be a writer, generally. Specifically, I want to be a young adult fantasy novelist. It's not so fancy-sounding like astrophysicists or otorhinolaryngologists, neither is it as awesome as being a commercial pilot or an all-star athlete, in fact, it does sound a bit dull. I mean, who would want to sit on their tooshie and do absolutely nothing except typing or writing words? *cough* Me. *cough*

The universe of literature is huge—enormous—gargantuan! Some prefer to imagine the many different worlds in the expanse while some prefer to experience it. Writers, however, prefer to expand the vastness of the universe. And I want to be one of those writers. This little job may sound easy, but trust me, it's not. You have book types such as young adult, children's, fiction, and non-fiction; genres such as horror, mystery, fantasy, steampunk, dystopia, and dark; characters big and small, good and evil, humans and non-humans... Oh my, your head must be spinning right now.
I almost forgot: before you actually start writing, you have to pick the ones you want to write in. Yep, one or two from all that.

Anyway, being a writer is more or less sitting on their tooshie and type or write words. But the best thing about it is that you can write it in any way you want. No one is restricting you! You're technically your own boss! (No, don't talk about publishing agents nor editors here, please. >:( ) The characters, the world, the story, the protagonist and antagonist, the mentor, the love interest, the nerve-wrecking deaths and the oh-my-god-what-the-hell twists, everything is in your hands! The only thing you need to know is to find out the way you write!

On the side note, fantasy is the genre I've picked to write in. At the same time, I'd love to throw in elements of adventure, action, romance, and all the others. Fantasy is basically things that don't make sense yet makes sense. Does that even make sense? Magic, witches, Harry Potter, ugly horrendous creatures, Greek gods, and the rest—they are all fantasy. I love to write in fantasy because anything you write can make sense in some way. Especially magic. Yeah, magic. If only magic is real in this world...

If you think that I'm just writing and publishing for the sake of money, then no, I'm not. I just felt like writing and contributing a form of art to the world, and then this 'thing' just came to me. Talent, my uncle called it. Before this, I really had no idea what do to in the future. But now that I have a set goal, I'm pushing forward to achieve my dream ambition. I aspire to make my fantasies and daydreams come to life.

I want to be a writer because I want to express myself. You know, my feelings and views of the world, in the form of words experienced by the characters in my stories. But why don't I become a spokesperson, journalist, or politician if I want to voice out of my views? Creativeness is one of my aspects (but not interpersonal :( ) and my love for books pretty much set me on a path of literature. And I believe that path is the right path for me.


Wow, I wrote that long about my dream ambition? I'm barely halfway through what I can write! xD *ehm* Anyway, a writer sounds dull and boring, but it's actually fun and completely unique. I've read books, but nothing beats writing a book.
How about you? What is your dream ambition? Is it an astrophysicist or otorhinolaryngologist, or some form of doctors or professors or teachers, or becoming a unicorn, or what else? Let me know in the comments below!

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