August 2, 2016

Journal Day 2; Aug 2, 2016

Day 2: Write something about yourself that makes you really proud of.


The second topic of the 30-Days Journal Challenge! Hmm... something about myself that makes me really proud of? Well, there are several things. But I know just one that I would gladly talk about.

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Something About Myself That Makes Me Really Proud Of

My optimism is something about myself that makes me really proud of. It has always been an asset of mine, and I wouldn't be the way I am if it weren't for that. In fact, it is my optimism that always puts a smile on my face even in the gloomiest times.

One thing that makes me proud of it is because I can think coherently. With a positive mindset, nothing would trouble me, so I can scrutinize over a problem until I find the answer. Being able to think coherently has also helped me put my stories piece by piece together even though I haven't written them yet!

Besides that, my optimism acts like a barricade from stress. It blocks off all my negative thoughts and replaces them with a more fruitful outcome. Knowing that, my mind is clear of all problems, so I am able to memorize specific details without any difficulties. And without stress, I can adapt to changes in schedules or events pretty quickly.

Optimism has also granted me to always have hope and look into the future. I do encounter several disappointments in my life, but I'd always hope it doesn't prolong and that things would be better again. Also, being an optimist allows me to look deeply into the future—as an acclaimed author I definitely wish I am. And how would I achieve that dream? I work hard! You'd probably sometimes find me staring into deep space, musing about my future... Yep, I know I can become a successful author.

So optimism has always been one of my greatest virtues (next to my creative mind). Negative thoughts shall never have a place in my head except for when I want to kill off my characters. Nevertheless, I wouldn't imagine a world where I'm a pessimist.



Is optimism one of the things that you are proud of too? Let me know your 'something' that makes you really proud of!

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