August 26, 2016

Journal Day 26; Aug 26, 2016

Day 26: Post about the three things that are really important in your life.


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Three Things That Are Really Important In My Life

1. Family
How could my family not be important in my life? I mean, the moment I was brought into this world, the first person I'd recognize is my family. And the people who are and will be with me throughout my life is my family. I probably won't survive by myself on the streets alone. Besides, my family had been there and gave me important values in life.

2. My Laptop
Well yeah. Besides using it for entertainment such as video games and YouTube, I use my laptop to write all my stories. Even my handwritten drafts go into my laptop. Microsoft Word 2007 is my favored platform (I might try Scrivener during the holidays). I also use it, via the Internet, to Google information that I need to write. It's a tough job and school doesn't provide me with the information I need. (Medieval, man!)

3. Knowledge
I treasure each and every information I receive (that is if I'm interested in learning, heh). Whether it be for my books or for life, I'll remember it for as long as I can remember it. Learning from my mistakes is an invaluable knowledge that I almost always treasure. I rarely do the same mistake twice, and sometimes, I purposely do mistakes just to get a grasp of what's taboo and what's not so I can adapt to their preferences. Without knowledge, well, I'd just lack any sense of anything.


How about you? What are your three things that are the most important in your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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