August 18, 2016

Journal Day 18; Aug 18, 2016

Day 18: If you have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it to help the needy?


I have the feeling that I'll like this topic a lot. (Even though I don't watch a lot of action movies.) Hey, this topic has the longest title too. Heh.

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My One Superpower And How I Would Use It To Help The Needy

If I have one superpower, it would be the power to rewrite. Sounds cheesy, doesn't it? I mean, I could go for things like cryokinesis or the good ol' invisibility... but nah! Oh, by the way, I don't mean the kind of rewriting you do with pen and pad or keyboard and laptop.

I imagine that everyone in this world has a story to tell. Past, present, future, it's all there. All fates and destinies and pain and regrets. And I always thought, what if someone could alter that? What if someone could change what's already been written and make someone's life completely different? (Rhyme not intended) Someone's story's words and sentences, changed and altered, subsequently creating a new fate.

It may not sound powerful (and it doesn't), but it binds itself with the power to manipulate fate. Let's say my friend who's life is miserable. I could rewrite that and state that his life would be merry the next day—and it will happen. Why? Because it was rewritten. Or maybe I could rewrite that the class bully would trip on a banana peel later in the canteen—and it will happen. 3:) But comes this question, how can I use it to help the needy?

Imagine a poor and homeless child and mother. I could change their destiny by rewriting their stories that they will find a one-thousand dollar note on the street the very next day. Or perhaps I could just straight up rewrite their past that they were rich to begin with (along with the assumption that I don't alter the rest of the present too much). The rest of the needy people can be said the same, though I wouldn't keep rewriting that they'd find a one-thousand dollar note on the street by chance. I could always get... a little creative.

How about those kinds of people seeking medicinal help? I could just rewrite them that they'd get better almost immediately! What of orphans? Get adopted the next day! And what about the hungry kids on the street? Ehm, just rewrite that some good Samaritan will treat them to McDonald's! Heck, why not I just rewrite the whole world's story and end world hunger? xD (But I'm pretty sure that'll cause some things to become hectic, so... I'm not taking risks.)

I'm pretty sure you can find flaws in this superpower. I know I can. Then again, with great power comes great responsibilities. But for now, let's set that aside and see how the world can be changed by replacing one measly word. A new sentence added. A whole paragraph—rewritten. The possibilities are endless!


I knew I was going to love this topic. :3 Well, the length of this one definitely makes up for the previous day.
What about you? What is your one superpower you'd have and how would you help the needy? Maybe the power of clairvoyance to see the future and prevent it from happening for those poor people? Or maybe the power of time travel to change the events of the past? Like I said, the possibilities are endless. So let me know yours down in the comments below!

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