August 27, 2016

Journal Day 27; Aug 27, 2016

Day 27: Something you regret.


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Something I Regret

Everyone had always encouraged me to start a blog when I first published my book. For many different reasons. I never took their advice because I believe having a Facebook account as a social platform was enough. In fact, I didn't want to start a blog just yet because of my fear of not knowing what to write. I was wrong. And I regretted not starting a blog early.

I published my very first (short) story way back in January. My family urged me even from last year to start a blog so I can build a fanbase. But the thing is: I didn't know what to write, what to share, how to even get a blog started. I felt like starting a blog and keeping it up is tedious and absorbed a lot of my time. I actually did plan to start a plan, but I never got the chance.

But now, it's already August. Eight plus a few more months. And look at me! I'm writing posts every day and writing my novel. I can use my time to keep a blog up and running. The prompts gave me ideas on what to write, and while I wrote, I got more ideas on what to write after this journal is done. I even researched on how to decorate a blog and everything.

It was easy. If I'd only started my blog earlier. I would've had some people following me and my stories, which in turn, helps me in building a fanbase, which in turn, helps my status as a (future) author. My constant delays and "should I actually do it?"s kept me from starting until now. Well, no point sulking now. The worst thing that would happen is a good and steady fanbase that takes longer to build than it should've.


How about you? What is something you regret? Let me know in the comments below!

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