August 10, 2016

Journal Day 10; Aug 10, 2016

Day 10: What are you excited about?


A lot of things make me excited. I, more or less, overreact to even the smallest things. (Just look at the post below. xD) But I guess I'll just pick one for this topic.

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What I Am Excited About

*browses Goodreads for books to read...* Wait a minute! 
The release of the next sequel in one of favorite series is... in the next month?! :OOO Say what?! Somebody give me an inhaler; I can't breathe!

Nothing drives me more nuts other than learning about a book's release, especially the ones I've long anticipated! Book sequels tend to come out on a yearly schedule. In other words, it'll take ages for the next book. I have nothing to do with my life during that period. :(

The anxiety of wanting to know how the series would conclude itself, what other kinds of problems would arise, and what would happen to my favorite ship pairings put me on the edge of my reading armchair. Though, it eventually dies down because... well, ONE YEAR! If I could order the whole series without waiting for it to come out in the local bookstores, I would.

But when I hear about the sequel's announcement, I'll go insane again! I'll probably scream like a lunatic and receive glares and glowers from the people beside me. 0:) I mean, why wouldn't I be overly-excited when I see the cover, an excerpt, or a commercial poster of the book? Those prove that I've survived the yearlong torture and that I can go empty my wallet again! (If I had one! Sorry, mom!)

And then I'll read the book. ^_^
And then I'll finish reading the book. ^o^
And then I'll go through the torture all over again. >:D



So guys, I again want to thank you for both reading Day 10 and for the 1,000 pageviews! Anyway, what are you excited about? The Olympics? New movies? Learning that you're actually a unicorn? Let me know!

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