August 12, 2016

Journal Day 12; Aug 12, 2016

Day 12: Something that you miss.


Posted this late because I got too absorbed in watching the "Scale of the Universe"... :) Anyway, I've been thinking deep about this topic and I picked the perfect one I'll talk about. And no, it has nothing to do with missing Pluto as a planet.

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Something I Miss

I used to travel back and forth between Johor and Selangor (to visit my grandparents). During November 2013, my family and I were to travel to Selangor again—but this time permanently. Yes, we were moving because my mother had to take care of our sick grandfather as nobody could. And ever since this day, I miss Johor so much. Home sick, I guess.

One thing I miss about Johor the most are, of course, my friends and classmates. Not just any friends and classmates, but my childhood friends and classmates. We had a lot of fun together, each of us creating some wacky games for all of us play. We also were keen on helping one another to pass any of our subjects. Honestly, I don't consider anyone here in Selangor as a close friend. Luckily, I'm still in contact with them.

Besides that, I also miss the food there. I find food in Johor better than the food here. Johor has a wider variety in a close proximity. You can find a fast food restaurant, a diner, a hawker center, and a simple eat out location within a kilometer's drive. But over here? Of one row of shops, there must be three of them that sells bak kut teh. Not just that, the food in Selangor is more expensive than in Johor. But I have to admit that Selangor excels in taste.

Within my first year living in Selangor, I was already struck on edge by the behavioral ethics of the people here. People in Johor are friendlier and strangers are willing to help one another. Neighbors know each other. Over here, you'd see plenty of reckless drivers speeding and driving on the wrong lane (and even on the wrong side!) and people who just can't seem to reply in a civil way to you, be it sarcastically or outrageously. I miss the people of Johor.

I pretty much miss my life in Johor. The change was drastic and even then I'm still learning to adapt. I always fall victim into the people's sarcastic way of talking since I usually take things seriously. In school, truants and juveniles are more common here than in Johor. Sigh... if only I didn't have to move. But hey, if I didn't move here, I wouldn't have discovered more about myself. It was here that I learned my passion to write. Not all things are bad, huh?


I apologize for the late post. I was just too absorbed in that website! :c Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one as I was actually rushing. (1 more hour before the next day, dang it!)
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