August 9, 2016

Journal Day 9; Aug 9, 2016

Day 9: Write about five blessings in your life.


Not much to say this time. So, let's just get into it!

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Five Blessings In My Life

1. Having a wonderful family
My mother sacrifices her time and energy to tend to my needs whereas my brother is a great person to monkey around with. I can't fathom a life without a family. Having friends are eons different than having a blood connection. My father had since passed when I was three. I was completely devastated and felt lost. But my mother took me in—though she had to quit her job. I would've been scarred for life if no one was there for me. So I'm grateful I have such a wonderful caring family.

2. Having a creative mind
Most of my friends have a logical mindset and I myself thought I had, too (didn't know the actual definition of "intelligence" hehehehe). But when I stumbled upon the world of writing, I discovered my real mindset. My tendency to improvise using recycled ideas and my capabilities in critical thinking as well as my talent with words point to me having a creative mindset instead! And if it weren't for my creative mind, I wouldn't have thought about writing a novel!

3. Having straight A's in UPSR
For those of you who aren't familiar with UPSR, it is a Malaysian examination which calibrates everything learned thus far from Year 1 to 6 (age 7 to 12) for the advancement to high school. In other words, big exam. I'm a flop in the Malay Language and I was convinced I would end up with 3 or 4 A's (there are 5 in total). But when I heard the announcer calling my name as one of the straight A's scorers, I thought I was dreaming! I couldn't tell if it was pure luck or it was from my hours of never studying. But I did it! Woooooooo!

4. Having mistakes
I might sound a bit cliché, but no one can be perfect at anything. Even masters at a particular field frequently make mistakes. However, what differentiates a real master from the crowd is how they approach their mistakes. In my view, mistakes are keys to attaining a quality result. I always try to receive opinions from my friends or family so I know what's wrong. With that knowledge, I can avoid it by changing my approach. I never make the same mistake twice... almost, because I value all of them. :) Once bitten, twice shy.

5. Having a stress-free life
Stress isn't something that should be taken lightly—just ask my friend, Lester. It's cumbersome to handle stress, let alone live a stressful life. Most of one's problems and future problems derive from all the accumulated stress. My mother always honors me the freedom to think what I want to think and do what I want to do. This, in turn, gives me a cheery life and outlook, plus open-mindedness. Therefore, I'm grateful for my stress-free life.


Blessings in one's life doesn't occur every now and then. I'm in debt to everyone and everything that had made my life better, so thank you very much! :)

What are your blessings in your life that you'd like to share? Let me know!

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  1. Since I was introduced to my first game, I was always fascinated with the virtual worlds that were contained within them, I thought that it was some sort of strange magic that you could take part in some sort of new world and experience it. Though I had a deep interest, I did not yet have skill or idea on how to make such worlds. It was my Dad, who first introduced me to the concept of programming, the idea of manipulating a computer and giving it commands based on instructions that it understands. Since both my Uncle and Aunt were programmers from both sides of the family, it'd occurred to him that it might be something I might be interested in, indeed it was. Now I know how to program, and I guess both my Dad and games inspired me to take it on.

    1. Programming is something not everyone can do. Have you actually made something out of it yet? :P

    2. I have carried out some small projects, though I have an ambition to make something quite bigger than I'm used to, I'm glad I have a school project based on this. All I need is a lot of time and patience, and I'm sure I can get there eventually.

    3. My hopes to you that you'd achieve it. :)

    4. Thanks c: I hope you become the novelist that you're destined to be.


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