October 28, 2016

"Empire of Storms" Review

Hey! Holidays are here and I've been doing the character interviews for a while. But when I'm done I'll be sure to post it here. Anyway, I've read Empire of Storms a few days ago, and boy, what a ride it was. So allow me to give you my review on this book.

Let me first say: what in the world just happened in this book?

This is the fifth book already and there are so many twists and turns and I can't stop hanging my mouth wide. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, the protagonist who was a former assassin and now fighting for the throne of Terrasen and the safety of Erilea, in the fifth book, starts in Terrasen in hopes of regaining the throne. Unfortunately, the lords say no and Aelin and her court (composed of one Fae prince, one shape-shifter, and one Adarlan's Whore) are evicted from her own homeland. GREAT! But she doesn't give up and attempts to regain the throne no matter what.

One thing's for certain: lots of shippings and pairs that people wanted actually came true. A number of characters in this book found their pairs—even those I didn't think would happen in any lifetime. Maybe Sarah J. Maas is secretly watching the fans' pairings?

But what shocked me more is how the book unites every other book. From the novellas that were prologues of the series to the previous installment. Everything was related. Characters from way behind came back to help Aelin fight for Erilea. Even the stories were interconnected somehow! There had been people manipulating behind the scenes and I couldn't even think of it.

The whole story from beginning to end was amazing. So many characters from previous installments came back better than ever—with some twists added into them. So many parts in the book that'd make you say "da hell". Oh yeah, and, two sex scenes. Not one, but two. Uncensored too.
RIP imagination.

And since Aelin had sex and never took contraceptive tonic... BABY NOW OR ELSE!

But the ending though. That rutting ending! The bad guy wins this game and lots of the main characters were put into distraught. The shape-shifter took the role of Aelin, as planned covertly, and starts leading the army of all the people Aelin'd met in the past. From here, more "da hell"s happened and left my eye twitching for the next ten minutes. @_@

Anyway, I loved this book, and by far, the best book of the series. The sixth and final book will (I think) come out on September next year. So then, I probably will try to never find a new series I can read. Ah, maybe A Court of Thorns and Roses? Thank you for reading my review. I hope you read other reviews too. You can find the link right down below!


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