November 7, 2016

My Finals English Exam Essay

Hey! Simply a long time since I've posted anything, and I'll be completely honest why. #1 Yes, definitely procrastinating too much. #2 Translating my History textbook to English as a new means of studying. #3 Simming whole day long (I have all expansion packs on my Sims 3 <3 ).

Anyway, I've gotten my English finals paper back today and I scored what I targeted: above 90 or we'd call an A+ here. Yayyy! I've already planned to share the essay I've written on my blog after I gotten it, just that I didn't expect it would take such a long time. But it's here now, so I'll share it. :)

Note: All errors are deliberately left unchanged. Only British English variants are switched into its American version.


Question: Write a story about someone who lives in the city. Begin your story with "The traffic was heavy. Cars were moving inch by inch... "

     The traffic was heavy. Cars were moving inch by inch. Honks and voices of those around John thrummed in his ears. He was rushing back home, which was not actually a pleasant home, but an apartment. He did not spare a glance at anyone nor did he pay attention to anything. He just had to get home, get himself ready, and get going with his overdue project. City life was his life.

     High-rise buildings stood tall in every curb and corner, yet John stared at the sidewalk as he trudged. The air, polluted by smoke fumes from the congested traffic, was appalling and rancid. Each step was like a lifetime. Minutes of ageless walking later, he arrived in his apartment.

     Although life outside his room was lively, his living space looked dull, mundane, and lifeless. John collapsed on his sofa after setting his suitcase down. He wished he could sleep off, but his watch read three in the afternoon, and he still had not finished anything. John sighed and slowly lifted himself up and into the bathroom.

     His family living somewhere near the mountains might think a bath was relaxing. For John, it did not relieve him of stress in any way. He came out of the bathroom looking as if he never bathed. He wondered if his colleagues thought otherwise. He wondered if his son would like to live in this cesspit. Probably, considering the advanced technology he had in his apartment. Naïveté, he would say.

     John wearily stepped to his worktable, where hundreds of stacks of paper awaited him. Just by setting his sights on the paperwork was enough to send him a splitting headache. Suffice to say, work was work, and work had to be done. Then, he sat and began his task. He knew his body gravely needed a rest, but what could he do? Work first, then his needs. Sometimes, he was glad his son was not here with him, since he would likely not have time to even say hi to him.

     Evening flew by like an arrow. He rose from his worktable, and frowned. He had not completed half his work yet and the day was coming to an end. He would ask his neighbors if they were kind to help, but who had time to form a mere bond with them? Not with John's strict routine, no. After contemplating for another minute, John went for dinner.

    Actually, John did not go anywhere, but his kitchen. Fixing himself a bowl of stale instant noodles, he swallowed it without as much as a bite or a chew. He had to get back to his work immediately as it was due tommorow. If not, he could only imagine what his tyrannical boss would do. No one should mess with the boss, he knew he should not experience that again.

    John paced toward his apartment window and gazed. From up here, people and cars looked like a blur of motions as they passed. His eyes, however, were still as he took in the mountains behind the grids of buildings and roads. His family. Only then did he realize he should never had moved to a "better life" in the city. Only then did he realize how stressed and troubled he was. Only then did he realize he was dead in the inside.

    John should probably rest for tomorrow. After all, it was just another normal, casual day tomorrow. His work and life and all. One last look at those mountains, he wondered if like back in the mountainsides would be any different. Probably not much. He had to go to bed now anyway.

    City life was his life.


And that's all! Hopefully, I can try to force myself from playing Sims 3 after dinner so I can write blog posts. I've also thought of writing a review for a movie I've recently watched. :) That's a first, eh? Anyway, thank you for reading this post!

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